12 Ways to Look Younger INSTANTLY

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Sometimes you can wait… and sometimes you can’t!

And while you know in the long run healthy living will make you look more youthful, sometimes you just want an instant fix.

Now when we say ‘youthful’, we don’t mean making you look 16 again! We just mean looking like the best version of yourself ... and younger than the age you are now.

So here are 12 age-defying tips to make you look younger … before that important date tomorrow night.

Now the first tip is going to feel a bit strange... but it works!  

Let’s dive in…


12 Ways to Look Younger INSTANTLY

Looking the best version of yourself... at whatever age you are


12 Ways to Look Younger INSTANTLY 

Tip #1: Lift up your tongue

A strong, chiseled jawline signifies a certain youthful manliness.

So if you don’t like the way yours looks, try this simple trick.

Lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth, especially when you’re smiling.

This creates a subtle lift of your chin to make your neck and jawline area look tighter and lifted.

For more on how to enhance your jawline check out "6 Tips to Get You a Perfectly Chiseled Jawline“.


Tip #2: Exfoliate 

Dry dead skin cells can build up on your face making your skin look dull.
Exfoliation ‘unglues’ them and washes them away. So your face looks immediately fresher and brighter.

Our Daily Face Wash includes Lactic Acid, a gentle Alpha-Hydroxy Acid which leaves your skin looking smooth. And with Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Allantoin it stops your face feeling dry and tight.

Cleaning and exfoliating in one step

Exfoliating Daily Face Wash for Brighter, Glowing Skin



Tip #3: Invest in a good haircut 

Letting your hair get too long and out of shape will age you faster than grey hair or a receding hairline.

A good haircut can take years off your age.

So find a stylist who will give you a really sharp haircut that’s flattering for your face – and then have it trimmed regularly to keep the shape.

(And if your hairline is receding check out “7 Rules for Going Bald Gracefully”).


Tip #4: Groom your facial hair 

The same thing applies to your beard.

You want to keep it neatly trimmed.

As you get older, and your face starts to sag, you lose definition in your cheeks and jawline so keeping your beard neatly groomed will help you look a lot younger.

A beautifully-shaped beard can instantly define your face and jawline, giving you that extra edge that you’re looking for.

For more on this we’ve got “How to Shape Your Beard for a Slimmer Face and a Stronger Jawline”. 

For Shaping and Defining Your Beard



Tip #5: Moisturize… especially around your eyes

A good anti-aging moisturizer is going to give you instantly smoother skin.

Our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer contains Hyaluronic Acid. This natural substance is super hydrating and leaves your skin looking smooth and firm.

At the same time it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It literally grabs moisture from the air and leaves your skin looking fresh and glowing.

And you don’t need a separate eye cream.

Hydrating Daily Moisturizer is so light that it’s perfect for the delicate eye area too.

With anti aging peptides it improves circulation, stimulates collagen and protects the delicate under eye skin from free radical damage, reducing the bags under your eyes and any dark circles.

And it does it all without making your face look greasy and shiny!

For Firmer, Smoother Skin



Tip #6: Tame your eyebrows 

Unruly brows are a quick route to looking like an unkempt old man!

Keep them neatly trimmed and groomed and they’ll emphasise and open up your eyes, making you look younger and well rested.

We’ve got the best way to groom your eyebrows at home here – Transformative Power of Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows".  

And get rid of unwanted hair - The same goes for unwanted ear and nose hair. Like those extra-long eyebrow hairs, these are due to hormonal changes and tend to grow faster and thicker as you get older.

Choose the right tools and get rid of them yourself or ask your barber to do it.


Tip #7: Add color to your wardrobe 

It’s easy to get stuck in the same dull color palette with your clothes.

But as we age our skin and hair color changes and generally become more washed out. The colors that suited you ten or twenty years ago may be draining you now.

Try to revamp your wardrobe by adding a splash of color. Start by focusing on colors that bring out your eye color and play around from there.

Wear dark blue, not grey – And talking of color, just like grey hair, the colour grey tends to be associated with ageing.

So if you always wear grey it can make you look more mature by association.

Instead try a dark navy blue (less harsh than black). This is going to make you look much sharper, and appear younger, especially when paired with a crisp, white shirt.


12 Ways to Look Younger INSTANTLY. Man in dark blue suit with crisp white shirt

Dark navy blue and crisp white shirt will make you look sharper, and younger


Tip #8: Make sure your clothes fit 

This advice holds true for every man, at every age.

Choose clothes that fit you properly.

The easiest way is to make sure you’re wearing the correct size for you. Try to choose ‘slim-fit’ when you can.

Alternatively, find a good tailor and have your clothes altered to exactly fit your body. This will instantly make you look taller, leaner, fitter – and younger.


Tip #9: Stand up straight 

As you age, the cartilage between the vertebrae of your spine starts to stiffen and shrink. This makes it harder to stand up straight and can lead to joint pain and difficulty in walking.

You can correct this by consciously pulling your shoulders back, holding your head high and standing up straight.

Walking tall will give you the appearance of being younger, stronger and more confident.


Tip #10: Get a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep not only gives you bags under your eyes and dark circles it also exaggerates fine lines, uneven pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity.

All of which can make you look older.

Sleep helps your skin to regenerate and repair itself - boosting cell production and reducing inflammation and dryness. It also lowers your body’s cortisol levels, the stress hormone  (which can lead to the breakdown of collagen).

The good news is that you only need ONE night of good quality sleep to notice an improvement.

If you're having problems getting to sleep we've got some great tips here – Why you need your Beauty Sleep: and 14 ways to Sleep Better"


12 Ways to Look Younger INSTANTLY. Man with tight, smooth skin

Cooling your face gets your circulation moving and gives you an instant glow


Tip #11: Give yourself an ‘Ice Facial’ 

Puffy skin, increased redness and a dry, dull complexion can all make you look older.

To remedy this you need to:

  • Get the circulation going and
  • Reduce inflammation

Cooling your skin will help reduce puffiness in your face by constricting blood vessels and increasing the circulation.

So if you’re feeling brave, go for an ‘ice treatment’.

This will get your circulation moving and give an instant glow to your whole face immediately.

Simply wrap an ice-cube inside of a clean washcloth and rub gently all over your face until the ice melts.

Tighter, smoother skin instantly! 


Tip #12: Smell great

Smell is the most evocative of the senses.

And when you smell good, people notice. It influences how they feel about you. And it makes them want to get closer to you.

Such is the power of attraction of a great cologne.

To make sure you’re sending the right message, choose fresh, ‘youthful’ scents that include fruity, citrus notes – think orange, grapefruit and pomegranate – or aquatic fragrances with sea notes.

Prada L’Homme, Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte and Armani Acqua di Gio Profondo are all excellent choices.


12 Ways to Look Younger INSTANTLY. Use high-performance skin care. 


The Takeaway 

There’s probably some mistakes you’re making that could be aging you without realising it.

And the good news is these are easy to put right….and they have an immediate effect.

Here are 12 age-defying tips to make you look youngerinstantly.


  1. Lift up your tongue
  2. Exfoliate your face
  3. Invest in a good haircut 
  4. Groom your facial hair 
  5. Moisturize… especially around your eyes
  6. Tame your eyebrows 
  7. Add color to your wardrobe 
  8. Make sure that your clothes fit 
  9. Stand up straight 
  10. Get a good night’s sleep
  11. Give yourself an ‘Ice Facial’
  12. Smell great

And to double down on these results...

Adopt a high-performance skincare routine to give you fresh, healthy skin (with a youthful glow) every day.


All you need to stay looking handsome. 





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