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skin care products for men - daily face wash, protective shaving cream, hydrating daily moisturiser

Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated, or involve tons of different products. And it shouldn’t take up a lot of your time either.

Our products have been developed specifically for a man's skin, so that you can rest assured you are doing the very best for your skin when you use them. 


  • have effective doses of active ingredients, so they do what they say they will do
  • are easy, fast and convenient to use – and feel comfortable on the skin
  • are made in France, the home of some of the finest skincare in the world
  • are designed to fit into your life – At 100ml or less they can be taken on to the aircraft in hand luggage, and easily packed in a gym bag – but are also large enough to be practical for everyday use.


Each product is formulated to comply with the highest EU regulations, with exemplary ingredient authenticity and proof of claims.
They are all cruelty free products. They are not tested on animals and never will be.

Otis Skincare was founded on the idea of respect for your skin - skin care products that make you look and feel your best

skin care products for men - with wash bag


"It began with a revelation!

I read an article in the press about the terrible things shaving can do to a man’s skin – the stress and damage to the skin, the dryness and irritation, the ingrown hairs – which shave after shave only get worse.

As a woman these were things that I had never considered before.

After reading this I wanted to create something better, something that would address the issues that men face with their skin.

My goal became to develop the best skin care products for men, with products that are simple, quick to use and, above all, effective!

Based in Paris, I recruited a renowned French laboratory, Laboratoire BF International. Together we explored the best natural ingredients with the latest skincare technologies to give you optimum results. No superfluous formulas and no compromise on quality, just a carefully selected list of active ingredients.

From this OTIS SKINCARE was born with 3 essential products for a daily male skincare routine: a Daily Face Wash, a Protective Shaving Cream and a Hydrating Daily Moisturiser."



Sandra Scott-Allen