skin care products for men best exfoliating daily face wash
skin care products for men best men's face wash
skin care products for men best exfoliating Face Wash in wash bag

Daily Face Wash


Kick start your day with our exfoliating Daily Face Wash for men. This multi-action facial cleanser gently and thoroughly cleans, exfoliates and regenerates your skin - without causing dryness - and is suitable for all skin types.

Includes Glycerin to hydrate your skin, Black Tea Extract to help defend the skin against damaging free radicals, Aloe Vera to soothe and Tea Tree Oil to purify and regulate excess oil.

This excellent face wash also includes Lactic Acid to gently exfoliate and stimulate cell renewal, removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores and helping to smooth and brighten your skin.

One daily step to reveal fresh, bright, healthy-looking skin – ready for the perfect shave.


  • Black Tea Extract – with antioxidant properties to help defend your skin against damaging free radicals.
  • Lactic Acid – to gently exfoliate and help stimulate cell renewal. Lactic Acid is an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which improves the texture and moisture level of your skin, while gently removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores and helping to eliminate ingrown hairs.
  • Aloe Vera and Allantoin – to soften and soothe your skin, and promote regeneration
  • Tea Tree Oil – to purify and help to regulate excess sebum
  • Glycerin - to hydrate your skin and prevent dryness

Use this gentle exfoliating face wash daily – am and pm, and after exercise. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of gel into the palm of your hand and work into a lather with water.
Massage onto your face, then rinse.
For a more exfoliating effect, leave on your skin for an additional 30 seconds before rinsing.
If used twice daily as instructed, this tube will last over 4 months.

Size: 100ml/3.38 fl.oz.


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