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You probably already know about Aloe Vera as a remedy for sunburn.

This water-rich plant can be found in most after-sun care products - and with good reason. Its cooling, hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties make it excellent at calming red, over-heated skin.

But this all-natural ingredient has much more to offer a man’s skin than just soothing the red bits where you forgot to apply sunscreen!

Read on to discover six more benefits for your skin (other than just sunburn relief) of using aloe vera.

Then we’ll show you the easiest ways to incorporate aloe into your skincare routine to reap all of those the benefits and improve the condition of your skin.

But first, those benefits ...

why aloe vera is so great for a man's skin

Aloe calms and soothes irritated skin, especially after shaving

There’s no denying that shaving affects the quality of your skin. It not only makes your face and neck more sensitive, but the act of dragging a blade across your skin can cause irritation and nicks, creating scar tissue, increasing dryness and badly affecting the barrier function of the skin.

We added Aloe to our Protective Shave Cream to help soothe and repair the damage of shaving whilst at the same time calming any redness and rehydrating your face and neck.

You can find 9 helpful tips on how to ensure a pain-free shave in our article here.

shaving cream for men

Due to its phytosterol content, Aloe Vera will calm and soothe irritated skin, reducing any redness that might have been caused by shaving.

In Ayurvedic medicine it has several medicinal uses, including being used to effectively relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.

It helps clear up acne

Aloe Vera is an excellent and gentle skin cleanser and a great natural remedy for acne and breakouts. 

The gel is anti-microbial, meaning that it reduces the presence of bacteria. 

It works on several levels.

Firstly, it contains antiseptic compounds that protect the skin from the bacteria which can cause infection and inflammation. Secondly, it contains glycoproteins which reduce any inflammation and redness, and polysaccharides that stimulate the growth of new skin cells.  

Research from the Mayo Clinic suggests that if you are already using a topical prescription acne treatment, applying Aloe gel will make the treatment more effective in reducing acne. 

It’s the anti-microbial qualities of Aloe that made us include it in our Daily Face Wash.

daily face wash for men

Men’s skin tends to be oilier than a woman’s. The sebaceous glands are more numerous and more active in a man’s skin, making it prone to acne and blemishes.

So we wanted to include ingredients in our Daily Face Wash, like Aloe and Tea Tree Oil, that have anti-microbial properties – to purify your skin and help to prevent any acne, while also reducing inflammation and encouraging new skin growth.

The Tea Tree Oil also regulates excess sebum.

Aloe restores smoothness to your skin 

Long known for its rich moisturizing properties, Aloe Vera improves the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness. It softens the skin but without making it greasy, or clogging your pores, so it’s perfect if you have oily skin.

Our Hydrating Daily Moisturiser includes Aloe because it is so excellent at softening and hydrating your skin. But more importantly because it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or shiny.

hydrating moisturizer for men

It can help to lessen the effects of aging   

As well as hydrating your skin, Aloe Vera improves elasticity. It encourages collagen and elastin repair, making your skin appear smoother.

It also contains several anti-oxidants, including Vitamins A, C and E and Beta Carotene, that help improve skin’s firmness and texture. These anti-oxidants also neutralize the aging effects of harmful free radicals, protecting against the appearance of fine lines.

We wanted our Hydrating Daily Moisturiser to be the best anti aging moisturizer for men out there, so of course, we had to include Aloe in the ingredients.

Aloe has regenerating and healing properties

Aloe is excellent at regenerating and healing the skin, particularly any small nicks you may get during your shave. It speeds up cell reproduction, allowing skin to heal quickly and with minimal scarring.

Applying our Hydrating Daily Moisturiser, with aloe, post-shave will ensure that your skin is always in the best possible condition. It is also very effective at minimising any scarring from acne.

It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial

The same properties which help to clear up acne also protect the skin from infection and prevent any irritation when you shave.


In addition to Aloe Vera, our Protective Shave Cream is enriched with Glycerin, Shea Butter and Apricot Stone Oil to ensure a smooth, protected shave which will leave your face and neck nourished and in excellent condition.

And that's not all...

aloe vera gel

Researchers are beginning to unlock the health benefits of drinking Aloe Vera in juice form.

So far it has shown to be helpful in improving digestion, boosting your immune system and maintaining oral health.

The best ways to use it

Straight from the plant 

Aloe Vera gel is the jelly-like substance that is found in the inner part of the leaf. Once a leaf has been cut from the plant you can keep it in the refrigerator for future use. 
However, always do a patch test before you apply Aloe Vera straight from the plant to inflamed skin. In rare cases, it can cause a reaction in highly sensitive people.

In gel form 

You can also buy the gel ready extracted. Try to find one that is pure, and extracted straight from the leaf. Amara Organics make an excellent version. 

In skincare

Perhaps the easiest way to benefit from Aloe Vera every day is to opt for skincare which includes this excellent ingredient.
The aloe vera that is included in our products has been derived from pure Aloe Vera gel so you can be assured that it's going to do an excellent job!

The bottom line?

We never assume that just because an ingredient is natural that it is automatically safe and effective. But in the case of aloe vera, this is definitely an ingredient that is very safe, offers so many benefits to improve a man’s skin and deserves to be part of your daily routine.

If there’s anything we’ve missed, or you have more questions about the benefits of aloe vera, please leave them in the comments below. We love to hear from you! 

aloe vera plant and gel

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  • Hi Justin,
    Unfortunately nothing can physically shrink the pores on your face, but aloe vera can make enlarged pores appear smaller.
    Also cleaning and exfoliating your face regularly will help to clear away dead skin cells and excess sebum, and unclog pores so that they are much less obvious.

    Otis Skincare on
  • Can it close pores on face

    Justin on
  • Hi Nabeel,
    The healing compound in Aloe Vera is called glucomannan.
    This affects fibroblast growth factor and stimulates cell activity and improves collagen production. So that Aloe Vera not only increases the amount of collagen on a wound site, for example, but also increases transversal connections and as a result accelerates wound improvement. You can read a more detailed medical report here – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4452276/
    Hope this helps.
    Otis Skincare

    Otis Skincare on
  • Is there in aloe Vera any compound that healing damage skin cells of face after using so much cosmetics that leave dimple on the face

    Nabeel Ur Rehman on

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