YouTube REVIEW: 7 week Skincare Test

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Mike Smith of Modern Man TV: "I tested out Otis for the past 7 weeks and now I will share with you my experience!"

"They're very easy to use, and for me this was a major plus."

"I feel like (my skin) looks better. Like for example, I don't know if you guys can tell from a pic that my forehead is not super oily and my chin is not super dry which is stuff that i personally deal with ... this stuff really helped with those problem areas for me."

Protective Shave Cream - " One thing that I thought was very cool about this stuff is that the cream seemed to help the razor catch the hair better, if that makes sense. It just really seemed to make for a quicker and very easy shave which i thought was awesome."

"Now after using all three of these for 7 weeks or so, i noticed a couple of distinct things.

One, my skin isn’t as dry.

I usually have trouble with some areas being too oily and other areas being too dry. Like right on my chin, its really quite annoying, it gets very dry and itchy ...and that actually seems to be better. It actually seems to not be as dry....

And then the oiliness which is also just as annoying....For any of you that have oily skin you know what I’m talking about! My areas are my forehead and right along my nose... and these also seemed to just be better.

You can watch the full review below...




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