Ingredient Spotlight: Why you need Shea Butter in your Shave Cream

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Shea Butter has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for thousands of years.

From face creams to hair conditioner, this natural moisturizer can be found in all sorts of products to nourish and hydrate parched skin and dry hair.

Naturally rich in vitamins and fatty acids, Shea Butter is great for soothing, protecting and conditioning your skin - as well as reducing inflammation.

Making it the perfect ingredient for your shave cream.

Read on…

Shea butter nuts, open to reveal smooth shea butter, excellent skincare ingredient

Shea Butter – or Butyrospermum Parkii - is a luxurious natural moisturizer, which is extracted from the nuts of the African Karite tree.


The benefits of Shea Butter for your skin 

Firstly, Shea Butter is an exceptional moisturizer - nourishing and protecting your skin and restoring suppleness.

It works to reduce the appearance of rough patches and dry flakes on your skin - effectively keeping bacteria out, helping the healing process, and regenerating your skin.

Shea Butter also contains loads of Vitamin A and Vitamin E—the vitamins that promote healthy skin.

It’s anti-inflammatory, so it helps to soothe red, irritated skin too.

And has antioxidant properties as potent as those of green tea.  

Best of all…

The unique combination of fatty acids in Shea Butter make it easy to absorb, so it won’t leave your skin looking oily.


Why Shea Butter is perfect in a shaving cream 

It’s the way Shea Butter can nourish and protect your skin (even sensitive areas like your neck) that makes it the perfect ingredient for your shaving cream.


Shea butter is rich in fatty acids (and full of skin conditioning vitamins) making it a powerful moisturizer.

The rich nut oils in shea butter soak into your skin, creating a smooth and soft barrier that seals in moisture. So your skin won’t feel dry after your shave.


Shea Butter creates a barrier over your skin to lock in moisture. So your face is fully protected throughout your shave, shielding your skin from razor nicks and irritation.


The fatty acids in Shea Butter have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. These help to soothe your skin, reducing any redness and swelling, and retaining moisture.


Moisturizing and antioxidant nutrients in Shea Butter work together to help your skin generate healthy new cells.


You can see why we had to include it in our Protective Shave Cream.

And talking of that…

You’ll notice two things when you’re using our nourishing shaving cream: firstly your face feels fully protected throughout your shave, and secondly, your skin feels smooth, soft and nourished afterwards.

You can thank the fusion of Shea Butter, Glycerin, and Apricot Stone Oil for that!


Best Shaving Cream with Shea Butter 



And it’s not just the Shea Butter that makes this cream so good.

We also included:

  • Glycerin – to improve your skin’s hydration level, and protect the natural barrier function of your skin
  • Apricot Stone Oil – to soften your beard for easier shaving, and prepare your skin for a perfect shave
  • Aloe Vera and Allantoin – to soften and soothe your skin, and promote skin regeneration
  • Tea Tree Oil – to purify and reduce any irritation during your shave

 You can find more on the best shaving protocol here:

Other skin benefits of shea butter 

It can take up to a month to extract the Shea Butter from the nut of the karite tree, but it’s definitely worth the effort!


Shea butter is one of the best natural anti-inflammatories.

High in cinnamic acid, shea butter can calm redness and reduce any swelling on your face.

Shea butter protects your skin cells against the damaging effects of inflammation, helping to keep your skin looking young.


Anti-oxidant and Anti Aging

Shea Butter is packed with the antioxidant vitamins A and E. 

Antioxidants protect your skin against free radical damage that can make your skin look dull and lead to premature aging.


Shea butter is safe for all skin types

In spite of its buttery consistency, shea butter is non-comedogenic (which means it won’t clog your pores).


It won’t make your face oily 

Shea butter is excellent for oily skin.

It has high levels of two kinds of fatty acids - linoleic acid and oleic acid. These two acids balance each other out. So shea butter is easy for your skin to fully absorb and won’t make your skin look oily.


Shea Butter may help prevent acne 

This unique composition of fatty acids in Shea Butter helps clear your skin of the excess oil (sebum) which can lead to breakouts.

At the same time, shea butter restores moisture to your skin and locks it in.

The result is a restoration of the natural balance of oils — stopping acne before it starts!




Where does shea butter come from? 

Shea butter is extracted from nuts of the African Karite tree. This tree produces green fruit with a tiny nut inside, which is where you’ll find the shea butter.

However, the creamy substance has to go through a complicated extraction process which can take over a month to complete.


Can shea butter cause acne? 

No. In fact it may help.

This powerful moisturizer is non-comedogenic and is readily absorbed into your skin without clogging your pores.

Acne is often caused by pores (or hair follicles) becoming inflamed or infected with bacteria. Shea butter has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to stop this happening.


Is shea butter good for oily skin? 

Shea butter is excellent for oily skin.

Shea butter contains high levels of two kinds of two fatty acids - linoleic acid and oleic acid – which balance each other out.

This unique combination means shea butter is easy for your skin to absorb (and won’t make your skin look greasy or shiny).


The Takeaway 

Shea Butter’s ability to nourish and protect your skin (even sensitive areas like your neck) as well as reducing inflammation, makes it the perfect ingredient for your shaving cream.

Naturally rich in vitamins and fatty acids, shea butter is…

  • Moisturizing
  • Protective
  • Soothing
  • Regenerating
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant and anti aging
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Won’t make your face oily
  • May help prevent acne

We never assume that just because an ingredient is natural it is automatically safe and effective.

But there’s no doubt that Shea Butter is safe for all skin types and offers so many benefits to improve a man’s skin - both during and after your shave.

And you can trust that we have taken the same amount of care with the ingredients in all of our men's skincare products. Only the best!


All you need to stay looking handsome. 





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