Your Anti Aging Shaving Routine

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Shaving can really take it out of your skin!

Making your face more sensitive, destroying the hydrolipidic film and increasing dryness. It badly affects the barrier function of your skin too.

And all of this can make you look old. With dry skin leading to wrinkles, sagging and dullness.

You (and your handsome face) deserve better than this!

You deserve a shaving routine that leaves your skin looking younger, smoother and firmer. And as an extra bonus, feeling more comfortable too!

Read on for the simplest, most efficient anti aging shaving routine ….


Your Anti Aging Shaving Routine. Handsome man feeling his smooth face


At Otis, we’re all about keeping skincare simple. And never more so than when we’re talking about your morning routine.

Shaving in the morning can cause dryness and irritation - and ruin the rest of your day.

This 3-step routine is designed to minimize, sooth and repair the damage from shaving whilst at the same time rehydrating the skin – and keeping you looking younger.

Equipped with the right products, this routine means you get a perfectly smooth shave. Every time.

It works like this:

Step 1: Prep your skin well

  • Clean your face
  • Exfoliate away dead skin cells

Step 2: Use a Protective Shave Cream

  • Shave WITH the grain
  • Use light, easy strokes
  • Pat dry gently

Step 3: Always moisturize post-shave 

  • Use a hydrating moisturiser with anti aging ingredients

Let’s break that down…


Your Anti Aging Shaving Routine. Shave Cream and razor with chrome handle on marble


ACTION PLAN: Your Anti Aging Shaving Routine 

Follow these smart shaving steps to leave your face looking smooth and youthful. 

Step 1 - Prep your skin well 

A smooth shave starts with good preparation. That means getting your skin clean and free from gunk.

And when it comes to cleaning and exfoliating your skin (especially just before you shave), the product you use makes all the difference.


For this you need a good qualitynon-drying face wash – like our Daily Face Wash.

It contains moisturizing Glycerin, and soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Allantoin. So it effectively cleans away excess oil and debris but won't make your face feel dry.

(NB: Definitely do not use a bar of soap - we explain why here: "Face Wash vs Soap").



Daily Face Wash also includes Lactic Acid, a mild exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).

It gently ‘unglues’ and exfoliates away dead skin cells, without irritation. Leaving your skin looking smoother, brighter – and younger. 

Best Exfoliating Face Wash for Men




How to use: Start by splashing your face gently with warm (not hot) water. This opens up your pores and softens your facial hair making it easier to cut.

Use a dime size blob of Daily Face Wash and massage into your skin in a circular motion.

Rinse with warm water.

We want your skin to be smooth, warm, moist and relaxed before going onto shave.


Man showing correct amount of Daily Face Wash to use



Step 2- Use a Protective Shave Cream 

Next apply your shaving cream.

And a nourishing shave cream is essential to keep your skin looking good.

It creates a rich barrier between your face and the razor. This protects your skin and prevents razor burn. It also provides lubrication for the shaving process itself, softening your beard and helping to maintain your skin's hydration level. 

We explain the differences here: "Shave Cream vs Shave Gel vs Shaving Foam: Which is better?"

Best Protective Shave Cream for Men




OTIS Protective Shave Cream is enriched with moisturizing Glycerin and includes Shea Butter to nourish and protect your skin throughout your shave.

It includes Apricot Stone Oil to soften your beard for easier shaving too.

We've also added Aloe Vera and Allantoin to soothe your skin and purifying Tea Tree Oil to help reduce any redness and irritation.

And like all our products, Protective Shave Cream is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and non-irritating.
It’s also undergone and passed the rigorous European Cosmetic Regulations.

Plus it’s cruelty free.

Protective Shave Cream helps lift the hairs up and away from your skin. Allowing you to shave WITH the grain – and still get a super, close shave.

Which brings us to…

  • Always shave WITH the grain 

It’s tempting, we know, to shave against the direction of hair growth. It seems to give you a closer shave. But really it’s not worth the razor burn! 

Shaving against the grain will aggravate your skin and distort the hair follicles causing ingrown hairs to form.


  • Use light, easy strokes 

Try to apply minimal pressure. Hold your razor at the very end of the handle, gripping it lightly. Then let the razor do the work. The only pressure applied should come from the weight of the razor.

Use short, confident shaving strokes. And avoid going over the same spot several times as this will make it red and irritated.

Swapping out your blades every 3-4 shaves will ensure an effortless, pain-free cut.


  • Gently pat dry 

Always pat your face dry very gently after shaving. Your skin is still traumatized, so no rubbing or pulling.

Try to use a soft, clean towel that you keep only for you to use (and only on your face!)


Step 3 – Moisturize afterwards 

It can take up to 48 hours for your freshly-shaved face to fully heal, and keeping your skin well hydrated during that time is the best defence against irritation, dryness and wrinkles.

While most creams will immediately hydrate your skin, you can up the ante by using an anti-aging moisturizer that sooths and repairs your post-shave skin at the same time.

Our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer contains Hyaluronic Acid (the gold standard of moisturizing agents) to provide long-term hydration and keep your freshly-shaved skin smooth and supple.

And it’s packed with the best anti aging ingredients - reducing fine lines and wrinkles, restoring elasticity and improving skin texture. 

Leaving you with a smooth, even-toned complexion.

Plus it’s super-light, absorbs instantly and won’t leave a greasy film on your face.

In fact, Hydrating Daily Moisturizer is the best anti aging moisturizer for men out there!

It’s been developed to lock in moisture and is clinically proven to dramatically increase skin hydration levels for over 8 hours after application.

With Aloe VeraAllantoin and D-Panthenol Hydrating Daily Moisturizer sooths your skin and restores the hydrolipidic protective barrier.

Best Anti Aging Moisturizer for Men 





You can find more on good shaving protocol here:



Why do I need to clean and exfoliate my face before I shave?

To start with facial oil and dead skin cells create friction which stops your razor from getting close to your skin and gliding smoothly over it. Cleaning away the oil and exfoliating away dead skin cells means less friction for your blade, and a smoother, closer shave for you.

And it also helps keep your skin looking smooth and youthful.


What is razor burn? 

Razor burn is an irritated redness, accompanied by a stinging sensation, that you can get after shaving your face.

The irritation is caused by skin being pulled during shaving, and the hair follicles being tugged by the scraping action of the razor blade.

Using a good Protective Shave Cream will lubricate your skin and protect from the irritation caused by the blade – ensuring you have a friction-free shave.


Why is exfoliation so important to your shave?

Exfoliation dissolves away the dead skin cells that can clog and blunt your razor blade.

Exfoliation also prevents ingrown hairs that can turn into angry red bumps and become infected when you shave over them.

But it's important to use an AHA, which is a natural chemical exfoliant because it works without damaging or inflaming your skin like a gritty, physical scrub would do. Shaving over already inflamed skin is the last thing you need!


How can I shave when I have acne?

Shaving with acne can be tricky.  It must be done carefully, otherwise it can cause irritation, spread bacteria and worsen the condition!

We've got more on clearing up jawline acne - along with the best way to shave an affected area - here: "How to Clear Up Acne on Your Jawline".


The Takeaway 

A 3-step anti aging shaving routine designed to minimize the damage of shaving. Repairing and rehydrating your skin to keep it healthy and youthful.

Step 1 – Prep your skin well 

Step 2 – Use a Protective Shave Cream

  • Always shave WITH the grain
  • Use light, easy strokes
  • Pat dry gently

Step 3 – Moisturize post-shave 

  • Use a hydrating moisturiser with anti aging ingredients

Equipped with the right products, this routine gives you a perfectly smooth shave – and keeps your skin looking firm, smooth and wrinkle-free.

All you need to stay looking handsome. 





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