How to Clear Up Jawline Acne FAST!

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Unfortunately, it’s not only teenagers that get acne!

Excess oil production means that men can still suffer from pimples and breakouts well into adulthood, particularly along your jawline.

Male hormones tend to send the oil-producing sebaceous glands into overdrive!

This excess oil combines with any dead skin cells and bacteria on the skin’s surface, clogging your pores and leading to breakouts and acne.

And finding the best way to shave over the affected area can pose a real problem too!

Shave the wrong way and it can cause or worsen acne breakouts.

But don’t worry, there’s a lot you can do to keep this area looking clear.

Scroll down for the best ways to clear up jawline acne … and prevent any more from appearing.


Handsome man wearing check shirt stroking clear jawline

The way you shave can make a big difference to how clear your skin looks


To find the solution, you need to know what’s causing the problem.

So first let’s go over how acne is formed…

A man's skin tends to be oilier than a woman’s skin.  

And in many ways that’s great.

The oil (or sebum) produced by our sebaceous glands is what keeps our skin and hair soft and healthy.

However, when these glands become over-active and produce too much sebum they cause the classic signs of an oily skin - enlarged pores and shine!

And the excess sebum can combine with dead skin cells and bacteria on your skin, clogging your pores and leading to acne.

If you have this skin type you’re not alone. It’s the most common skin type amongst men. Sebaceous glands are more numerous and more active in a man’s skin.


What causes acne? 

Acne appears when the pores of your skin become blocked with oil, dead skin cells or bacteria.

Breakouts occur when:

  • too much oil is produced by your sebaceous glands (see above)
  • dead skin cells accumulate and clog your pores
  • bacteria build up in your pores

Essentially, when bacteria breed in a clogged pore and the oil is unable to escape, a whitehead pimple appears. 


Why do men get jawline acne? 

When it comes to acne in your chin area (and along your jaw bone) things become a little more complicated.

The pimples that you see on your jawline may look like acne, but they could actually be something entirely different called folliculitis.

This is where the hair follicle has become infected, usually by an ingrowing hair.

Your body can interpret the trapped hair as a ‘foreign intruder’, sending white blood cells to fight it off. That’s where the swelling comes from.

This inflammation causes the bump to become red, tender and very painful - and look exactly like a pimple!

And it gets worse…

Whether it’s a pimple or an ingrown hair it’s made even more painful when you repeatedly shave over the bump. And this can easily lead to scarring.

Your jawline is also more prone to breakouts caused by….

  • Sweat from working out - the sweat sits on your skin and acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. So you need to clear this away as soon as possible before your complexion suffers.
  • Friction – this is usually the result of a bike helmet strap, but even a rough scarf can cause irritation and spread bacteria.

But whatever the reason, there is a lot you can do to keep your jawline (indeed your whole face) looking clear and healthy…

 Handsome young man washing his face as part of daily skincare routine at white sink with chrome taps

Clean and gently exfoliate your face to keep your jawline looking clear and healthy


Keeping your jawline clear 

Putting in place a daily skincare routine will help to clear up and reduce acne. This routine doesn’t need to be complicated, just…

  • CLEAN and gently EXFOLIATE your face twice a day
  • SHAVE carefully
  • HYDRATE your skin to keep it perfectly balanced (not too oily, not too dry)

We designed our skincare routine to make it easy for you to keep your skin looking clear and healthy.

So let’s break the routine down….


ACTION PLAN: Keeping your jawline clear of acne  

#1 - Clean and gently exfoliate your face (especially after you work out) 

First, use a good quality face wash. This is vital to clear away the excess sebum and dead skin cells which combine to cause acne.

You need a facial cleanser which is gentle enough to use twice a day – and effective enough to remove the gunk without making the situation worse.

And you also need to exfoliate away dead skin cells so that they don’t have a chance to block your pores or cause ingrown hairs. 

The best solution: find a non-drying face wash which cleans and exfoliates in one step – like our Daily Face Wash.

Along with anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil, our Daily Face Wash contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (an AHA), Lactic Acid which exfoliates away dead skin cells and stops them from blocking pores and causing acne

Fresh, clear, healthy skin in one easy step.


The Exfoliating Face Wash Every Man Needs



Our Daily Face Wash fights acne on three fronts:

  1. Regulating excess oil production
  2. Dissolving away dead skin cells
  3. Keeping your pores free of bacteria


#2 - Always pat your face dry gently 

After washing (or showering) make sure that you dry your face carefully. Always pat your skin lightly with a clean, soft towel – never scrub at it.

If you have any acne you don’t want to rub with the towel, as this can easily irritate your skin and spread bacteria.


#3 - Shave Carefully 

The way you shave - using the right shaving products and adopting good razor technique - can make a big difference to how clear your skin looks.

If you have acne on your jawline at the moment (or you just want to avoid it in the future) it’s worth following the shaving tips below.

You’ll get a smooth, comfortable shave that is free from irritation, and will leave your skin looking smooth and feeling calm.


How can I shave when I have acne?

Shaving with acne can be tricky!  It must be done carefully, otherwise it can cause irritation, spread bacteria and worsen the condition.

  • Gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin regularly
  • Adopt the following good shaving routine
    • Prep your skin well. Splash your face with warm (not hot!) water (or use a warm towel) to open up your pores and soften your facial hair.
      This allows your hair follicles to relax, letting hair protrude out from the skin, and so making your beard easier to cut.
    • Use a protective shave cream. This will form a lubricating barrier between your skin and the blade – and also help to lift the hairs away from your face.
    • Keep your razor scrupulously clean
    • Use a sharp clean razor blade, and change blades regularly
    • Always shave WITH the grain
    • Use light, easy strokes
    • Don’t rush. Be very precise.
    • Pat dry gently afterwards
    • Moisturize your skin post-shave to restore the protective hydrolipidic barrier.

Protective Shave Cream



(And we’ve got more on best shaving practices here: “ SHAVE: 9 tips for a Pain-Free Shave").

#4 - Hydrate your skin 

Whatever your skin type, every man needs to use a daily moisturizer —even (especially!) if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Moisturizing keeps your skin healthy and functioning properly. It also prevents signs of aging appearing, and keeps you looking your best.

And you want to use a moisturizer which mattifies your skin.

So choose a lightweight moisturizer to …

  • hydrate and smooth your skin throughout the day, without unbalancing it and causing breakouts
  • reduce the early signs of aging, especially the fine lines around your eyes, and
  • prevent those wrinkles from becoming deeper.

The best solution: To smooth, hydrate and mattify your skin our lightweight Hydrating Daily Moisturizer is hard to beat!

It provides a lot of hydration - without feeling heavy.

It’s super lightweight and mattifies really easily (it feels like there is nothing on your skin).

It’s packed with the hydrating superstar Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize your skin, and rich in anti-oxidants to keep your face looking smooth.

How clear and smooth? See for yourself.


Hydrating Daily Moisturizer 



Even better…

Hydrating Daily Moisturizer is also an anti aging powerhouse which boosts your cell renewal and reduces any fine lines and wrinkles.

It regenerates your skin, promoting collagen production and minimising the look of large pores so you end up with clearer, smoother skin.


And finally…

#5 - Avoid touching your face 

Be very aware of everything that comes into contact with your chin. For example, make sure that you only use clean, soft towels and that your pillowcase is kept clean.


Best treatments for jawline acne 

Acne responds really well to treatments containing salicylic acid - which unclogs pores - as well as benzoyl peroxide – which reduces inflammation.

However you don’t want to unbalance your skin. So it’s better to use a treatment with a low percentage of benzoyl peroxide.

Only target the area where the breakout is happening, so you won’t dry out the surrounding skin.

This is especially important on your jawline, where you may be shaving. You don’t want to shave over dried out skin, as this will lead to irritation, bacteria and more breakouts.


How to get rid of acne scars

Repeatedly shaving over a pimple can easily lead to a scar forming.

These can be annoyingly hard to get rid of, but we have some great advice here: "How to Treat Acne Scars for Smoother, Clearer Skin".



Natural acne remedies

Aloe Vera is an excellent and gentle skin cleanser making it a great natural remedy for acne and breakouts. 

Aloe gel is anti-microbial, meaning that it reduces the presence of bacteria. 


Tea Tree Oil’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties reduce both the amount of pimples and the severity of the acne.

In one study, Tea Tree Oil was found to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide, the most common anti-acne medication.


  • Green Tea Extract

There is some evidence that Green Tea Extract can also be helpful, but the jury is still out. If you want to try, you can add powdered Green Tea to your regular face cream or take in supplement form.

And finally, another way to successfully treat acne is a change in your diet.

One study concluded that a diet high in plant-based whole foods - especially those rich in fiber and polyphenols - significantly improved the condition.


The Takeaway

Jawline acne can be a real problem – at any age. And this is made even more problematic when it comes to shaving.

Shave the wrong way and it can cause or worsen acne breakouts. And shaving over the bump again and again can easily cause acne scarring.

Putting in place a daily skincare routine will help to clear up and reduce any jawline acne. This routine doesn’t need to be complicated …

  • CLEAN and gently EXFOLIATE your face twice a day
  • SHAVE carefully
  • HYDRATE your skin to keep it perfectly balanced (not too oily, not too dry)

And to treat any persistent acne…

  • Start by using proven OTC treatments and natural remedies (like Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil), before approaching your dermatologist.
  • At the same time, eradicate or reduce potential causes.

Don’t worry, there’s a lot you can do to keep your jawline looking clear and smooth.


All you need to stay looking handsome. 





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