CHEAT SHEET: One Essential Tip to Keep Your Face Fresh and Clean

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Washing your face every day is the key to your skin looking healthy and functioning properly.

But the way you dry your face afterwards can make all the difference to how clean and clear it looks.

Read on for the one essential tip to keeping your skin clear (and pimples and acne at bay!)


Otis Skincare products for men

The first step to fresh, clean and healthy skin.


First thing in the morning, and again in the evening, spend 60-seconds washing your face with Daily Face Wash.

It cleans away any dirt and oil, and because it includes a gently exfoliating acid it clears away dead skin cells and unclogs pores too.

It’s one of the best things you can do for your skin especially if you want to prevent acne, or you suffer from occasional breakouts.

But how you dry your face afterwards can also have an effect!


So what is the best way to dry your face? 

One essential tip… Don’t dry your face with a dirty, old towel!

1.    Always Use a Clean Towel 

Make sure to keep a separate small towel just for your face. Don’t use the one that you use for the rest of your body.

And don’t let anyone else use it either – only you.

Women know to always do this, but guys are not taught this and it’s really important.

Gently pat your skin dry with the towel. Never rub vigorously especially if you’re prone to acne. Rubbing can irritate and make any existing acne a lot worse.

Also, wash the towel at least once a week.

How a dirty towel can cause acne 

Even though it may look clean, a towel can actually collect a ton of dirt, dust and oil that you can't even see.

The damp environment of a bathroom, and the fact that towels are designed to retain moisture means that they can quickly become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria!

And we know that bacteria is an underlying cause of acne and breakouts.

Breakouts occur when:

  • too much oil is produced by your sebaceous glands 
  • dead skin cells accumulate and clog your pores
  • bacteria build up in your pores

Essentially, when bacteria breed in a clogged pore and the oil is unable to escape, a whitehead pimple appears. 

So if you rub your face with a dirty towel, the bacteria can transfer and collect in your pores, causing pimples and acne.

But If the thought of all that laundry is scary, there are a couple of alternatives you could try....

Dry your face with a paper towel 

Instead of a regular cloth towel, you could use a piece of paper towel to pat your face dry every time you wash it. Just choose the softest make that you can find, as anything too harsh could irritate your skin.

And use it to blot your face dry, gently pressing it onto your skin to absorb the moisture.

Air dry your face 

For the most environmentally-friendly way, simply let your face air-dry! Fanning your face to speed up the process. 


Daily face wash for men - gives you fresh, clean skin

Daily Face Wash cleans away any dirt and oil, and because it includes a gently exfoliating acid, it clears away dead skin cells and unclogs pores too.


The best face wash to use 

Always use a good quality face wash that will clean away excess sebum and exfoliate dead skin cells. These two combine to make your skin look dull (and cause acne).

You need a facial cleanser which is gentle enough to use twice a day – and effective enough to remove the gunk without causing dryness.

The best solution: a non-drying face wash which cleans and exfoliates in one step – like our Daily Face Wash.

Along with anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil, our Daily Face Wash contains a gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Lactic Acid which exfoliates away dead skin cells, stopping them from blocking pores and causing your skin to look dull.

On top of that, Alpha Hydroxy Acids also act as antioxidants, which stimulate the skin’s natural repair mechanisms and collagen production.

Our Daily Face Wash is made with gentle ingredients that won’t irritate your face, so it’s suitable for sensitive skins too.

One step to fresh, clean skin 



Natural soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Allantoin  work to calm your face, and Glycerin hydrates to make sure that your skin is not stripped of its natural moisture.

And like all of our products, Daily Face Wash is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and non-irritating.
It has also undergone and passed the rigorous European Cosmetic Regulations.

Plus it’s cruelty free.


And when it comes to how to wash your face it might seem instinctive, but here’s a quick refresher on the best way to do it …

ACTION PLAN: Step by step to clean, fresh skin 

Just follow these 5 steps to make sure you're getting the job done effectively – without harming your skin.

Step #1 – Wet your face with warm (not hot!) water 
Comfortable lukewarm water will open up your pores and make for a more effective clean.
Step #2 – Dispense your face wash 


Man squeezing face wash onto his fingers prior to application
You only need a small amount of face wash for it to be effective



With our Daily Face Wash an amount the size of a nickel is enough for it to effectively clean and exfoliate your face. 
Step #3 – Massage onto your face (and beard) 
Use gentle circular motions to massage onto your face and neck, avoiding getting too close to your eyes.
Use just enough pressure to loosen up dirt and excess oil.
Do this for about 30 seconds.
Just take it nice and easy, and let the cleanser do the work.
And for you bearded gents make sure that you use your fingertips to dig deep into all directions of your beard. This action will clean your skin better and will loosen any ‘beardruff’. It also stimulates the hair follicles, encouraging more growth.
Step #4 – Rinse
Again use lukewarm water.
And when rinsing your beard, move your fingers through the beard to make sure that all the soap residue is gone.
Step #5 – Pat dry gently (or air dry) 
As we said before, don’t rub!


And that’s it…. You’re all done!

For more on the benefits of washing your face, you can check out: "CLEAN: the best way to keep your skin looking clean and healthy".



What kind of towel should I use to dry my face? 

It’s not so much the type of towel that’s important. As long as it’s soft and doesn’t irritate your skin you’ll be OK.

The most important thing is that it’s clean, it’s only used by you – and you only use it on your face!


What’s the best way to keep my towel clean? 

Always hang your towel up after use to give it a chance to dry out. This will make it less of a magnet for bacteria. Over a radiator or a towel heater is ideal.

And change for a fresh towel at least once a week.


Is bacteria from my towel causing acne?

Yes, it could be.

We know that bacteria is an underlying cause of acne and breakouts - and damp, dirty towels are a breeding ground for bacteria!

So if you rub your face with a dirty towel, the bacteria can transfer and collect in your pores.

And when bacteria breed in a clogged pore and the oil is unable to escape, a whitehead pimple appears. 


How often should I wash my face?

Twice a day is ideal.

AM – to clean away the build-up of oil and dead skin cells that have accumulated throughout the night. It’s a good idea to clean them off of your face before they have a chance to clog your pores.

PM – to remove the general grime and bacteria that we all come into contact with during the day, as well as any oil that has accumulated on your skin.


POST-WORKOUT – to clear away any sweat build up. The sweat sits on your skin and attracts bacteria - plus the salts from sweat can be drying and irritating too – so it’s vital to wash it off of your skin.


The Takeaway 

Sometimes the smallest things can make all the difference.

Switching up to using a fresh, clean towel (that you use only on your face) will make sure that your skin is always really clean.

So it’s definitely worth it!


All you need to stay looking handsome. 





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