Handsome young man with soft, luxurious beard

The Secret to Growing an Awesome Beard

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Beautiful beards come in many shapes and sizes.

But the best ones have these things in common; they’re luxurious, soft and clean, with even growth.

And the route to achieving this is easier than you might think….


Handsome young man with soft, luxurious beard

It's possible to encourage strong, healthy growth whatever stage your beard is at


Every guy is different and when it comes to growing out your beard you might have to accept that it may not grow as you want it to at first.

Genetics will play a key role in how your beard is going to grow. But it is possible to influence and encourage strong, healthy growth whatever stage your beard is at.

The answer is…

EXFOLIATION (but not just any type!) 

The first step is to exfoliate your skin - but not with any old kind of exfoliator!

You don’t want to be using gritty facial scrubs – the kind that leave bits in your beard and make your skin red and irritated … and itchy!

No, we’re talking gently exfoliating using a natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (an AHA) that will stimulate your hair follicles and encourage a luxurious and healthy beard to grow.

And without any irritation.


How does exfoliation encourage beard growth? 

When you exfoliate your face you get rid of dead skin cells and prevent a lot of ingrown hairs from appearing.

Exfoliation also keeps beard dandruff at bay, improves the texture of your skin and keeps your hair follicles clear and healthy.  

That makes it easier for hair to grow in that area, encouraging strong, even beard growth - with no bald patches.

Plus exfoliating your face is one of the best things you can do for your skin. 

So whatever stage of your beard journey you’re at, try to exfoliate every day with our Daily Face Wash which includes an AHA (Lactic Acid), and will exfoliate your face and beard and keep it clean and smelling great at the same time!


Man opening tube of OTIS SKINCARE Daily Face Wash for men

Daily Face Wash gently exfoliates to keep your face and beard clean and smelling great!


What does exfoliation do for your skin? 

It’s one step in your skincare routine that will really make your complexion glow, and help to keep your skin younger looking.

As well as removing dead skin cells, it accelerates cell renewal and stimulates your skin’s natural repair mechanism. This gives an instant improvement in the appearance of your skin and keeps your hair follicles clear and healthy.

  • the texture of your face looks smoother
  • your skin tone is nice and even
  • your pores appear smaller
  • it helps get rid of blackheads
  • there’s less chance of ingrown hairs


  • it allows for better absorption of your moisturizer, keeping your skin well hydrated

It also increases blood circulation to your face, bringing nutrients to the skin’s surface. This in turn leads to a healthy, vibrant and glowing complexion.


Why is an alpha-hydroxy acid the best exfoliator? 

Rough and gritty exfoliating scrubs may feel as though they’re doing a good job of removing dead skin cells. But the action of the exfoliating beads against your epidermis causes micro-tears, making your face more susceptible to irritation and environmental aggressors.

Whereas a mild Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA), like Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid, will exfoliate your skin in a much gentler way – dissolving the ‘glue’ that binds the dead skin cells, rather than mechanically rubbing them off.

Natural AHA’s also exfoliate in a much more uniform way, so there’s no areas of redness or roughness.

On top of that, they act as antioxidants, which stimulate your skin’s natural repair mechanisms and collagen production.

That’s why we recommend gently exfoliating everyday using our Daily Face Wash which contains the AHA, Lactic Acid.

Leaving it on your skin for an additional two minutes will increase the exfoliating effect.



Getting rid of beard dandruff 

Little flakes of skin (and itchiness) can ruin even the sharpest look!

Beard dandruff appears because the facial hair creates a barrier to any skincare that you use. While the rest of your face is smooth, nourished and hydrated by your skincare, the skin under your beard becomes dry and flaky, and extremely itchy!

So bearded guys need to make some adjustments.

The following two steps, done daily, will encourage healthy beard growth, banish any existing dandruff, while strengthening your skin to prevent further flaking.

Firstly, brush your beard. This will lift all the ready-to-flake skin from your face.

Secondly, wash your face with an exfoliating facial wash which will naturally dissolve the dead skin cells that the brush has lifted up.


Now you may think that you don’t need a tutorial on how to wash your faceand it’s true the process is very simple, but following these 5 steps will make sure you're getting the job done right and your beard looking it’s best.


ACTION PLAN: How to exfoliate your face and beard 


Comfortable lukewarm water will open up your pores and make for a more effective clean.


Dispensing face wash for men

You only need a small amount of face wash for it to be effective


With Daily Face Wash an amount the size of a nickel is enough for it to effectively clean and exfoliate your face and beard. 



Use gentle circular motions to massage the face wash onto your face and neck, avoiding getting too close to your eyes. Don’t pull the skin too hard. Use just enough pressure to loosen up dirt and excess oil.

Do this for about 30 seconds.

Just take it nice and easy, and let the cleanser do the work.


With your beard make sure that you use your fingertips to dig deep into all directions of the beard. This action will clean your skin better and will loosen any flaky skin. It also stimulates the hair follicles, encouraging more growth.


After massaging, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

When rinsing your beard, move your fingers through the beard to make sure that all the soap residue is gone.



To dry your face, simply pat your skin lightly with a clean, soft towel.

Make sure to keep a separate small towel just for your face. Don’t use the one that you use for the rest of your body.

And don’t let anyone else use it either – only you.  

And that’s it…. You’re all done!


How to accelerate beard growth 

There are a lot of myths out there!

But if you want to speed up how quickly your beard is growing out the best way is to improve your diet.

Your hair is very indicative of your diet and that goes for hair all over your body, including your facial hair.

So eat a healthy diet that prioritizes protein, vitamins (especially the B vitamins), minerals and omega-3 fatty acids to encourage healthy beard growth.

Taking multivitamin supplements will help too.

The jury is still out on whether Biotin supplements accelerate beard growth (see below for more on that) but they are a safe supplement to take so worth a try.

To be honest growing a beard isn't the only advantage of eating a healthy diet, but if it's going to get you to adopt a good one, then go for it!


Handsome young man with beard holding Otis Skincare Hydrating Daily Moisturizer for men

Hydrating Daily Moisturizer will keep your face hydrated and your beard soft 


Taking care of your awesome beard 

Once you’re one to two months in, your beard should be coming along nicely, and looking good.

Well, you're not done yet!

Because now you have to take good care of it if you don't want it to look dirty or unkempt (and we know you don’t!)

Keep your beard clean and soft:

Using our Daily Face Wash will make sure that your beard is always clean, plus it's going to make it smell great!

And to keep it feeling nice and soft you can use a beard oil, or hair conditioner when you’re in the shower.

Or our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer, which will prevent any dryness, increase softness, and stop any itchiness.

As well as hydrating your whole face.



Brush your beard:

Remember to brush your beard to stop it from growing wild and all over the place. Always brush, or comb, downwards to make it look smoother and sharper.

Maintain a good shape:

Check out our guide "How To Trim Your Beard Like A Pro" so that your beard always looks sharp whatever stage of growth you're at.



Will biotin help with beard growth?

Biotin is one of the B vitamins (found mainly in red meat, nuts, bananas and cooked eggs).

It plays a key role in the production of keratin, which is the major protein found in hair. So you might assume that taking biotin supplements would encourage beard growth. 

However, whilst you can correct a biotin deficiency with supplements, most healthy men are already getting enough from their diet and aren’t likely to benefit from extra biotin. 

So, although it’s quite safe to take the supplements, more data is needed to prove whether it makes a difference to beard growth or not.


The Takeaway 

The secret to a soft, luxurious, awesome beard is…

  1. Exfoliation.
    Exfoliate every day to remove dead skin cells. This keeps your hair follicles clear and healthy. And makes it easier for hair to grow healthily in that area.

At the same time…

  1. Eat a healthy diet.
    Adopt a diet with plenty of protein, B vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids to encourage healthy beard growth. Taking multivitamin supplements will help too.
  1. Take good care of your beard and brush out regularly.
    Use a beard oil, or moisturise your beard daily, and brush or comb to stop it from growing too wild.

And now you're ready to get out there and impress!


All you need to keep looking handsome. 





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