Beard Dandruff: Why You Get It and How To Stop It

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It can attract unwanted attention before you even realize it's there.

With white flakes in your beard and dry, itchy skin underneath, beard dandruff can ruin even the sharpest look!

And Beard Oil alone won’t prevent it.

No, you need a three-part plan.
One that will:

  • banish existing dandruff
  • encourage healthy beard growth
  • strengthen and smooth your skin to prevent new flakes from forming

Keep reading for three daily steps that will have people admiring your magnificent beard … not the flakes of dry skin.


Side view portrait of handsome young man with luxurious, healthy beard - looking awayYou want people to notice your luxurious beard - not your beard dandruff

What is beard dandruff?

Beard dandruff is a fairly common condition called seborrheic dermatitis

It gives you an itchy rash with flaky skin cells on your scalp and beard.


What causes beard dandruff?

Your beard naturally creates a barrier to any skincare that you use. 

So while the rest of your face is smooth, nourished and hydrated by your skincare, the skin under your beard becomes dry, flaky and extremely itchy!

If you have oily skin, the dandruff can be caused by a fungus which thrives in oil-rich environments—like your scalp and beneath your beard. The fungus breaks down oils in your sebaceous glands, leaving behind oleic acid that irritates the skin and results in dandruff. 

On the other hand, if your skin tends to be dry the dandruff may be the result of your skin shedding dead skin cells more quickly.

But whatever is causing it, the solution is the same.


ACTION PLAN: How to get rid of beard dandruff 

You bearded guys just need to make some small adjustments to your skincare routine.

The following three steps, done daily, will get rid of existing dandruff, smooth and hydrate your skin, and encourage healthy beard growth.


First, brush your beard.

This will lift all the ready-to-flake skin from your face.


Second, wash your face with an exfoliating facial wash.  

This will naturally dissolve the dead skin cells that the brush has lifted up.

Make sure that you use your fingertips to dig deep into all directions of the beard. This action cleans your skin better and loosens any flaky skin. It also stimulates the hair follicles, encouraging more growth.

But you don’t want to use a gritty facial scrub – the kind that leave bits in your beard and make your skin red, irritated … and even more itchy!

No, we’re talking gently exfoliating using a face wash that contains a natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (an AHA) that will stimulate your hair follicles and encourage a luxurious and healthy beard to grow.

Our exfoliating Daily Face Wash includes a mild AHA (Lactic Acid) which ‘unglues’ and dissolves the dry, flaky skin cells before they get a chance to ruin your beard.

It also makes your face look clearer, smoother and brighter.

Exfoliating Face Wash for Fresh, Glowing Skin



And third, moisturize.

This will reduce dryness, as well as rehydrate and protect your skin.

Make sure that you thoroughly rub the moisturiser into your beard.

Depending on how thick your hair is it can sometimes stop the moisturiser reaching your skin, so make sure to really use your fingers to dig deep and rub through your beard.

Using a good moisturizer (like our Hydrating Daily Moisturiser) makes your skin feel firmer - smoothing and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Hydrating Daily Moisturiser is really light, but incredibly hydrating. It’s packed with the finest anti-aging ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid, the gold standard for moisturising.

And it makes your complexion look fresher, getting rid of dullness.

Best Moisturizer for a Luxuriant Beard



Try to eat a diet rich in magnesium and zinc, as these play an important part in keeping your skin and hair follicles hydrated.

Rich sources of magnesium include:

  • Nuts, seeds and whole grains
  • Dark chocolate
  • Almonds

While zinc can be found in:

  • Shellfish – Crab, Oysters, Lobster
  • Meat - Beef, Chicken, Pork
  • Legumes (Lentils and Chickpeas)
  • Nuts, Seeds and Wholegrains
  • Eggs

We've got more on "The best anti aging foods for men" here.


Nuts, seeds and wholegrains in 3 wooden bowls on a wooden tableA diet rich in magnesium helps to keep your skin hydrated



How can I stop beard dandruff coming back?

Just keep up this daily three step routine:

  • Brush your beard
  • Wash with an exfoliating face wash
  • Moisturise


Is beard dandruff normal?

Yes. Your beard creates a barrier to any skincare that you use. So while the rest of your face is smooth, nourished and hydrated by your skincare, the skin under your beard becomes dry, flaky and itchy!

And the longer your beard is the more likely you are to develop beard dandruff. Because the longer hair makes it even harder to reach your skin when washing or moisturising. This can create a buildup of dry, dead skin cells, which show up as dandruff.


Does beard dandruff affect beard growth?

Beard dandruff doesn’t necessarily affect the growth of your beard.

But you can certainly encourage your beard to grow faster if you exfoliate away the dry skin cells that show up as dandruff.

Exfoliating improves the texture of your skin and keeps your hair follicles clear and healthy, encouraging strong beard growth.

For more on how to encourage beard growth check out:

EXFOLIATION: The Secret to an Awesome Beard
"How to grow a beard FASTER".


The Takeaway

Beard dandruff - with white flakes in your beard and dry, itchy skin underneath - can ruin even the most magnificent beard!

But don’t worry…

The following three steps, done daily, will encourage healthy beard growth, banish any existing dandruff, while strengthening your skin to prevent further flaking.

  1. Brush your beard
  2. Wash with an exfoliating face wash
  3. Moisturise

Leaving your beard looking luxurious and healthy.

All you need to stay looking handsome. 





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