Handsome male model with oily skin in clear blue water

OILY SKIN: Why You Need a Moisturizer ... Especially if You Have Oily Skin

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If your skin is oily (and already quite shiny) why would you want to add to that by applying a slick layer of moisturizer.

It seems weird, right?

But although it appears counter-intuitive, moisturizing is one of the best things you can do for an oily skin.

(In fact, not using one could be making it much worse!)

You see, the right moisturizer can actually improve your skin - making it less oily, with fewer breakouts and much less shine.

The trick is to find the right one.


Handsome male model with oily skin in clear blue water

Male hormones send the sebaceous glands into overdrive – making your skin look oily.


A man's skin tends to be oilier than a woman’s skin.  

What makes your skin oily?

Sebum is the natural oily substance produced by your skin’s sebaceous glands. It’s what keeps our skin and hair soft and healthy.

Oily skin occurs when these glands become over-active and produce too much sebum. This causes the classic signs of an oily skin - enlarged pores and shine!

If you have this skin type you’re not alone. It’s the most common skin type amongst men. Sebaceous glands are more numerous and more active in a man’s skin.

Male hormones tend to send the sebaceous glands into overdrive!

And it gets worse…

The excess sebum can combine with any dead skin cells on the surface, clogging your pores and leading to breakouts and acne.


What NOT to do with oily skin 

Taking care of oily skin is a delicate balance.

There’s a temptation to use harsh cleansing products, and skip the moisturizer, in an attempt to get rid of the oil.

But this will actually stimulate sebum production.

The sebaceous glands become more active in order to compensate - making the situation even worse.

And whilst washing is great for removing excess oil and grime from your face, over-vigorous cleaning will strip the skin of its natural oils…. prompting a cycle of producing more sebum to compensate.

External factors don’t help either!

Pollution and UV rays damage your skin’s protective barrier, causing a loss of moisture and an increase in oil production - and even shinier skin!


Oily skin and acne treatments 

Your skin can be further aggravated if you’re using an acne treatment.

Typically they contain Retin-A or Benzoyl Peroxide which dry out the skin, causing tightness, excessive flakiness and inflammation - resulting in the skin compensating with even more oil.

A vicious cycle!

The best way out of this cycle is to gently clean your skin and use a lightweight moisturizer every day to increase the hydration level in your skin.


Why your skin needs hydration 

The hydration level is the water-content of your skin, not the oil-content.

So when skin looks excessively oily, it’s not the same as it being hydrated.

Keeping your skin well hydrated not only slows down the aging process, but in oily skin it can help to reduce excess sebum by stopping the cycle of overproduction.

A good moisturizer improves the hydration level of your skin making it look smooth and soft. While also preventing moisture loss.

Humectants (like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin) attract moisture from the air, drawing it into the skin, keeping it hydrated throughout the day. 

Moisturizers also encourage skin cell turnover and form a protective barrier on the skin's surface.

So even the oiliest skin will benefit from a moisturizer that delivers hydration and protects against the elements.

Whatever your age, and whatever your skin type, using a moisturizer every day is a must if you want to keep your complexion looking smooth and healthy.

And for more proof, check out: "5 Reasons Why It’s NEVER Too Late to Start Using a Moisturizer".


What to look for in a moisturizer 

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that you need to use a moisturizer on oily skin.

But how do you choose the best one? Because not just any one will do.

It’s important to choose one with an easily-absorbed, light consistency which will help replenish vital moisture, but without adding any extra shine.

Try to steer clear of heavy creams and moisturizers based on heavy emollients. Avoid those which include mineral oil, cocoa butter, lanolin and petrolatum, as they can clog your pores, and leave a shiny film.


You want a moisturizer that doesn’t feel as though it’s there at all

A good moisturizer will hydrate your skin and keep it well balanced and calm.

Focus on lightweight formulas with natural skincare ingredients such as:

Hyaluronic acid – a hydrating superstar! This natural ingredient has the amazing ability to bind 1000 times its own weight in water! So it gives incredible deep and long-term hydration.
And the light texture allows it to hydrate your skin without adding any extra oil. So it leaves your skin looking matt.

Glycerin - a naturally occurring ingredient that balances the water levels in your skin.

Jojoba oil - Jojoba Oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus an oil-regulating action, so it’s excellent for an oily, acne-prone skin.

Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates your skin - without making it greasy.
The gel also gets rid of any bacteria on the skin (so it’s effective at reducing acne). 


Hydrate with a lightweight moisturizer which mattifies your skin 

The answer is to use a moisturizer on your face that ensures your skin remains hydrated all day - while also combatting any oiliness.

The best solution: To smooth, hydrate and mattify your skin our HYDRATING DAILY MOISTURIZER is hard to beat! 

It provides a lot of hydration - without making your face greasy.

It’s super lightweight and absorbs instantly (in fact, it feels like there’s nothing on your skin).

Yet it leaves your face feeling fresh, hydrated and smooth - and with a matte finish.


Even better…

It's full of the best anti aging ingredients.

So our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer :

  • hydrates and smooths your skin throughout the day, but with no shininess
  • evens out your skin tone
  • minimises large pores
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

It’s packed with Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate.

And anti aging ingredients to regenerate your skin - promoting collagen production and minimising the look of large pores - so you end up with clearer, smoother skin.

Best Moisturizer for Smoother, Firmer Skin



Pay special attention to your eye area

Even if you have oily skin you have to remember that the skin around your eyes has virtually no oil glands. It’s also the first area to show signs of aging. So it’s essential to keep the skin here well hydrated.

The best solution: you don’t need to buy a separate eye cream. Our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer is so light it’s perfect for the delicate eye area as well.

It will hydrate and soften your skin. And with anti aging peptides it improves circulation and protects the delicate under eye areareducing bags under your eyes and any dark circles.



How do you choose a moisturizer for oily skin? 

Always look for a lightweight formula. The best moisturizer for an oily skin should leave your face feeling fresh and hydrated and reduce excess shine.

Ingredients to look out for are Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera. They all provide long-lasting hydration to your skin yet leave your face with a matte finish.


Should you moisturize acne prone skin? 

Yes. Hydrating your skin will actually reduce the oiliness that can cause acne.

But pay attention to the formulas you use and the ingredients.

Steer clear of heavy creams - especially if they include mineral oil, cocoa butter, lanolin and petrolatum, as they can clog your pores.

And don’t rub to vigorously when applying your moisturizer. You want to keep your skin calm.


For more on best skincare routine to prevent oily skin see our post here - "How to Prevent Oily Skin".


The Takeaway 

Don't be afraid to moisturize your oily skin! It’s the best thing you can do to reduce the oiliness.

Moisturizers don't have to leave your skin feeling greasy and looking shiny.

The right moisturizer can help to restore calm and balance to your oily skin and keep your face looking healthy - without adding any extra shine.


All you need to stay looking handsome. 





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