Smoother, Firmer Skin in 5 minutes

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First off, we should say that a good daily skincare routine is the secret to tighter, healthier skin in the long term.

But for some instant results....

We’ve got a quick 5-minute facial routine that will tighten and smooth your skin, reduce the appearance of large pores, get your circulation moving and get an instant glow to your whole face!

Fresher, tighter, younger-looking skin - instantly!


Young black man smoothing his tight skin on his face with his hands


Maybe you’ve been working too hard (or had one too many late nights) and it’s starting to show.

Puffy skin, increased redness and a dry, dull complexion….it’s not a good look!

Now’s the time to spend a few minutes taking care of yourself properly.

And that starts with a quick boost to your complexion.


The secret to instantly tighter skin 

This is a two-part strategy..


  • Reduce puffiness to instantly tighten your skin


  • Get your circulation going for a smooth, glowing complexion 


Cool your face to tighten skin

Let’s start by reducing any puffiness.

I hope you’re feeling brave… because the best way to tighten your skin (and jump start your complexion) is with freezing cold ice!

Now, you can simply splash your face with cold water… or you can take it to a whole other level!

So if you’re up for the challenge…

Start off with the ‘ice’ treatment.

Cooling your skin this way will instantly reduce puffiness in your face by constricting blood vessels and increasing the circulation – making your skin look and feel tighter (and giving your face an instant glow!).

Then it’s on to a quick facial massage.


Massage to make your skin glow

We’re a big fan of facial massage! There’s nothing quite like it to boost circulation, reduce facial tension and bring more healthy oxygen to the skin’s surface… and you get instant results.

Plus it feels really good!

Try to find a few minutes every day to massage your face and your skin will look tighter, smoother and, well, more glow-y. 

And the increase in circulation is going to reduce any under eye bags and dark circles too.


So, set your timer, and let’s begin.

ACTION PLAN: Tighten and smooth your face in 5 minutes

Start with a clean face and clean hands, and then…

Minute 1 – 

Go for the ‘ice treatment’

Wrap an ice-cube inside of a clean washcloth and rub gently all over your face for 60 seconds (or until the ice melts).

Tighter, smoother skin instantly!


But we’re not going to stop there…

Follow this with a DIY facial massage


Minute 2 –

Using your knuckles, stroke your jawline horizontally, applying light pressure. (for 30 seconds)

Then move on and do the same with your forehead. (for the next 30 seconds)

This helps to relax and energize your forehead and chin muscles – giving you a more defined and stronger jawline.


Minute 3 –

Press your knuckles gently into the area just underneath your cheekbones, and massage using a circular motion. Move along your cheek bones (1 minute)

This pressure point massage will help to boost circulation and work the muscles in the cheek area which can be prone to sagging.


Minute 4 –

Using your four fingers and starting from your chin, use both hands to stroke along your jawline - upward and outward toward your temples. Only go one way, upward and outward. When you reach your temples press gently and massage using small circular motions at this pressure point.

Do this repeatedly for 60 seconds. 

This helps to boost circulation in the cheek area. It also focuses on the acupressure points of your outer eye area boosting circulation and rejuvenating too.


Minute 5 –

Apply moisturizer.

Start each day using a moisturizer designed to stimulate collagen production.

Collagen forms the structural support for your skin and keeps your face looking tight. It also helps stop any signs of saggingkeeping your jawline looking nicely defined.

Applying our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer will instantly tighten and firm your face – smoothing out any fine lines and wrinkles, and reducing the appearance of large pores.

It also improves your skin tone to give you a healthy even-toned complexion.

The effect is immediate - and also gets better over time.

Best Moisturizer for Tighter, Firmer Skin



Use ‘cold’ cream

Cooling your skin helps reduce puffiness in your face by constricting blood vessels and increasing the circulation.

So if you don’t have time for the full ‘ice’ treatment just try chilling your face moisturizer before applying for a similar effect.

You can keep our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer in the refrigerator for just this purpose.

And that’s it.

Tighter, smoother skin in 5 minutes!



Do face massage rollers work?

Your fingers are more than effective enough, but if you feel like splashing out there are plenty of tools to help with facial massage. Some are designed to focus on specific pressure points on the face to improve lymphatic circulation.

Probably the most popular is a jade roller (which looks like a mini paint roller). This tool has been used in beauty routines in China since the seventh century, and the crystal is said to relieve facial tension and improve your skin’s elasticity. The jury is out on this one – but the coolness of the jade does calm and depuff your skin.

Some people say that it makes your moisturizer penetrate deeper into your skin, but that’s not true.


How often should I massage my face?

Try to do five minutes a day.

But any amount of facial massage will have a beneficial effect and help to tighten and smooth your skin.


Is facial massage good for acne?

Stimulating your skin through massage helps to improve blood circulation, which can reduce the appearance of acne. However, specific research on how good facial massage is in improving acne is limited.

Always take care in sensitive areas - and don’t be too aggressive on your skin. And, of course, use clean hands every time.


Can face massage improve acne scars? Or bumps from ingrown hairs?

If you have any type of bump or facial scar that’s in the healing process, then massage can help.

Massaging the scar tissue and surrounding areas helps increase blood flow, loosening the tissue, and smoothing any bumps.

Facial massage has also been shown to help relieve any pain, itchiness, and tenderness too. 


And for more age-defying immediate fixes, check out: "12 Ways to Look Younger INSTANTLY".


The Takeaway 

Tighten your skin, get your circulation moving and get an instant glow to your whole face in just five minutes!

Minute 1 – The ‘ice treatment’

Minute 2 – Massage your jawline and forehead

Minute 3 – Massage below your cheekbones

Minute 4 – Stroke upward and outward, and do a pressure point massage on your temples

Minute 5 – Apply a moisturizer to stimulate collagen production

And for long term results, following a good skincare routine every day will give you fresh, smooth, younger-looking skin for a lifetime.


All that you need to keep looking handsome. 





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