How to Shape Your Beard for a Slimmer Face and a Stronger Jawline

How to Shape Your Beard for a Slimmer Face and a Stronger Jawline

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A beautifully-shaped beard can instantly define your face and jawline, giving you that extra edge that you’re looking for.

But if you trim it the wrong way it can have the opposite effect - making your face look fatter and rounder. Not what you want!

Below we show you the right way to shape your beard to visually make your face look longer (and less round) so that your jawline looks more defined and muscular.

And we follow up with some other tricks to make your face look slimmer too.


Handsome young man with a perfectly shaped beard and hairstyle to shape his face and strengthen his jawline

An expertly shaped beard can visibly improve the shape of your face
(and strengthen your jawline)


A beautifully shaped beard can instantly slim down your face and enhance your jawline.

The trick is to make sure that you elongate.

This gives the impression that your face is thinner - and makes your jawline look stronger and perfectly defined.

Even just a light stubble can make your cheeks look less round and help to accentuate your chin. But whether you prefer just some light shade, an awesome goatee or a full beard…

The most important thing is how you shape and trim your facial hair.


WHERE TO TRIM: How to shape your beard 

Where you trim on your neckline is the key.

You want to shave high enough that it gives you that nice, clean defined look – but if you trim too high up it will make your face look rounder and fatter!

The secret is to take your Adam’s Apple as your reference point.


How to trim your beard neckline: 

Whatever beard style you adopt, there is only ONE rule for trimming a beard along your neckline.

Imagine a point that is just above your Adam’s apple. If you think of placing two fingers just above the knob, then this is the base of your beard line. Now imagine a curved line from this point which goes behind your jawbone to a point just behind each ear. This is your beard line… and everything below this line needs to be shaved.


Don’t shave above this point! As we said this makes your face look rounder.

The delicate neck area can be one of the trickiest areas to shave, so check out "How to Smoothly Shave the Sensitive Neck Area" for some extra guidance.


Handsome man showing where to trim beard on your neckline
Where you trim your beard on your neckline is key


How to trim your beard cheek line: 

To find out where to remove the hair on your cheeks, a simple technique is to ... smile. Then shave what is above the imaginary natural line of your smile, near the cheekbones. This will give you a clean, smooth line, as well as highlighting your eyes.



The best beard shape for your face 

The shape of your face will have a big influence on which beard style is the most flattering for you.

The goal is to find one which will highlight and balance your best features – as well as slimming your face and giving you a nice, strong jawline.

And if you're going bald, it's important that the beard shape your choose gives your face balance.

So it’s worth taking the time to experiment a little.


Shape with a goatee 

Adopting a goatee style is the easiest way to make a difference to the shape and contours of your face. It will immediately elongate your face and define your chin. Play around with the proportions to get the best effect. And pay special attention to keeping both sides even!

Shaving with our Protective Shave Cream is great for this because it’s translucent!

You can see exactly where you’ve shaved and where you need to take off a little more.


Best Shave Cream for defining the shape of your beard



Plus, our Protective Shave Cream nourishes and protects so that there’s no redness or irritation on the shaved areas. It also lubricates and softens the hair making it a lot easier to cut.

Combining the benefits of both a shave cream and a shaving gel. With all the nourishing, protective benefits of a cream. And the transparency of a gel.

Making sure that you have the perfect finish.

That’s down to a fusion of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Apricot Stone Oil!


Adopt a full beard style 

If you decide to grow out to a full beard just remember not to round out.

Even with a full beard you still need to define it correctly along your neckline and cheeks.

And when it comes to trimming, always think about keeping the sides tight, at the same time as elongating your chin.   


Handsome young bearded guy in white bathrobe holding moisturizer

Our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer prevents any dryness, increases softness, and stops any itchiness (as well as hydrating and firming your whole face)


How to take care of your beard

Once you’re beard is nicely shaped and trimmed, your face will look slimmer, and your jawline will look strong and chiseled.

Well, you're not done yet!

Because now you have to take good care of it if you don't want it to look dirty or unkempt (and we know you don’t!)

Just like the hair on your head your beard needs plenty of care and attention to keep it looking its best.

Most importantly, you want to keep the hair follicles nice and clear to encourage strong, healthy growth. That’s where exfoliating your beard comes in.


Keep your beard looking clean and fresh:

Firstly, it’s essential to wash your beard every day to keep it looking (and smelling!) good. 

Using our Daily Face Wash will make sure that your beard is always clean, plus it's going to make it smell great!


Exfoliating Face Wash for Glowing Skin



Exfoliate to encourage even growth: 

Our Daily Face Wash also gently exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells. This keeps your hair follicles clear and healthy. And makes it easier for hair to grow healthily in that area.

For more on the benefits of exfoliation check out: "A Man's Ultimate Guide to Exfoliation: FAQ's".


Moisturize to keep your face and beard soft:

To keep your beard feeling nice and soft (and not itchy!) you can apply a beard oil or moisturize with hair conditioner when you’re in the shower.

And use our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer too. This prevents any dryness, increases softness, and stops any itchiness.

As well as hydrating your whole face.


Best Moisturizer for a Firmer Jawline



Brush your beard:

Remember to brush your beard to stop it from growing wild and all over the place. Always brush, or comb, downwards to make it look smoother and sharper.


Maintain a good shape:

Check out our guide "How To Trim Your Beard Like A Pro" so that your beard always looks sharp whatever stage of growth you're at. And we've also got a guide on how to fix any beard patches, so your beard always looks polished:


Other ways to make your face look slimmer (and your jawline stronger) 

There are two other things that can really make a visual difference to the shape of your face and jawline.


#1: Check your posture 

Your posture can make a big difference to how your face looks, particularly your chin area.

Bad posture can give you an instant double chin!

To avoid this make sure to stand up straight - holding your chin up and out. This will IMMEDIATELY give you a more defined face.

A simple trick you can do every time you have a photo taken is to consciously push your chin out further.

This will feel really odd, but trust us, it defines your jawline instantly and makes you look great.

Practice this in front of the mirror and you’ll see the difference!

(And to make sure you always look good on camera check out: "How to Look Good in EVERY Photo").



#2: Choose a hairstyle that enhances your jawline 

The shape of your hairstyle – can completely change your face shape and give you a more chiseled looking jawline.

As with your beard you want a style that elongates your face.

So keep the sides tight, and add volume to the top to elongate your face shape. Avoid making the sides fuller as this will add to any roundness of your face.

Even if you have only a little hair always think about keeping the sides very tight to make the most of what you’ve got.

By doing that you’re giving the illusion of a taller face - and therefore a thinner face.


 handsome young african-american man with perfectly trimmed beard - wearing a striped top

Take care of your beard and maintain the shape to make sure it’s always looking good 


The Takeaway 

A beautifully shaped beard has the power to instantly slim down your face and enhance and strengthen your jawline.

So choose a beard style that works for you…and then trim and shape it expertly.

  • where you trim your beard on your neckline is the key. Take your Adam’s Apple as your reference point.
  • and when it comes to shaping, the trick is to make sure that you elongate.

Then it’s just a question of maintaining the shape – and taking care of your beard to make sure it’s always looking good.

Keeping an eye on your posture and choosing a hairstyle that visually enhances your face and jawline, will also give you some nice definition and make you look and feel more confident.

Follow these tips and you’ll instantly give yourself an edge.


All you need to stay looking handsome. 





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