How To Tell If A Skincare Product Is Working

How To Tell If A Skincare Product Is Working

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Any new skincare product is an investment… not just in money, but also in time.

So how do you know if it’s effective?

And how long should it take to see results?

Because you can follow the instructions exactly and apply the product religiously every day. But then find yourself in front of the mirror asking yourself “Is it actually doing anything?”

How to tell if a skincare product is working

Sometimes it's obvious

With some products it’s obvious they're giving you great results.

Our Protective Shave Cream, for example.

Whilst it feels very different if you're used to a shaving gel or foam, it will immediately give you a superior shave.

You’ll notice that your skin feels smoother, more nourished and healthier. And there’s a significant lack of redness and irritation right away.

With other products the effects are not so instantaneous. But since we put the same care into developing all of our products as we do our Protective Shave Cream, it’s a good indication they'll work just as effectively.

But there are other ways to tell if a product is really working.


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Check for independent clinical trials

One of the best indicators that a product will do what it says it will do are clinical tests. Those carried out in strictly independent laboratories.

It’s better if the effects of a skincare product are assessed by expert professionals - and the benefits evaluated by clinical observation. This is much more trustworthy than just a user test with consumers, who may be influenced by branding, packaging or marketing communications.

It’s also important these tests are conducted with a sufficient number of people. 

An independent research laboratory tested our Daily Hydrating Moisturiser and the results speak for themselves.

They showed that it had a significant hydrating effect on the skin, not just when it was first applied, but also two and four hours after application - with an increase in the cutaneous hydration level of 63% after two hours and 71% after 4 hours.

Showing that Hydrating Daily Moisturizer keeps working to hydrate your skin even several hours after application.

In short, this independent laboratory considered our Daily Hydrating Moisturizer to be “an excellent moisturizer”.


Look for scientifically-proven ingredients

One of the best guarantees of good results is choosing products which include quality ingredients that already have a proven track record.

That’s not to say that a newly-discovered ‘wonder’ ingredient won’t be good for your skin. But ingredients with long term proven results are always going to be a better bet.

aloe vera beneficial skin care ingredient



From the:

We only include quality ingredients that have been meticulously researched and proven to do what they say they will.

You can find more about the excellent benefits of Aloe Vera for a man’s skin here: “Why Aloe Vera Is So Great For a Man’s Skin”.


Good things come to those who wait

Most products take about a month of continuous use to start showing improvement. 

So don't give up on a product too quickly.

Take our Daily Face Wash for example. When you begin using this exfoliating cleansing face wash your face will immediately feel cleaner and fresher.

But the exfoliating effects take a little longer to show. That’s because it contains a gentle alpha-hydroxy acid (lactic acid) to dissolve away dead skin cells and unblock pores. Because it’s gentle you may think that initially the improvement is nominal.

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t working. It just means that the AHA acts in a gentle way to clear away dead skin cells, rather than taking a more aggressive, and ultimately, damaging approach.

Progressively your skin will become clearer and smoother and brighter, the texture will greatly improve as the dead skin cells are removed, pores are unclogged and any ingrown hairs are eliminated.

So stick with it.


Keep it consistent

Ultimately improving and taking good care of your skin is a marathon, not a sprint. And you need to use your new skincare every day to reap the rewards.

Our products are easy to use, smell really great and feel good on your skin so that using them every day will be a pleasure!

 handsome young man touching his smooth clean face


Monitoring the results

Well, you may want to stop short of taking regular before-and-after photos!

But you probably know your face better than anybody. And if a skincare product is working well you’ll start to notice the subtle differences and improvements in your skin.

Pay attention each morning in front of the bathroom mirror.


Others will notice

Other people start to notice too ... and make compliments.

They may not put it down to your skin care, but if you start getting comments like “oh you look well! Have you been on holiday?”  then you’re definitely reaping the benefits of good skincare.

And you’ll know the investment was worthwhile!


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The Takeaway


Any skincare product is an investment in both money and time. And these are the best ways to tell if that investment is paying off.

  • Sometimes it’s obvious
    • Some products, like our Protective Shave Cream, have an immediate effect, giving you a perfect shave.
  • Check for Independent Clinical Tests
    • Make sure these are carried out in strictly independent laboratories
  • Look for scientifically-proven ingredients
    • Ingredients that have a proven track record
  • Give it time
    • Good things come to those who wait, so don’t give up too early. It can take about a month for benefits to show.
  • Regular use
    • Improving your skin is a marathon, not a stay consistent.
  • Monitoring the results
    • You know your face better than anybody, so pay attention to subtle changes.
  • Others will notice
    • If people start telling you that you look well…then you know your skincare is having a good effect.

High-performance skincare that really works. 




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