A MORNING ROUTINE to Start Your Day Strong

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The first hour of your day is the most crucial.

A great morning routine will boost your energy, increase your productivity and overall improve your mood.

And we want you to have the best morning possible - so that you go on to have an incredible day.

So here are six powerful steps that men should do every morning to start your day strong.  

And if you're not a morning person that’s OK.
We’ve also got some genius wake-up tricks to get you moving and focused in the a.m.


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We want you to have the best morning possible - so that you go on to have an incredible day


Whatever time you wake up, how you spend the first hour sets the tone for your day.

You can be really focused and start the morning on your terms – without distractions.

As Hal Elrod, in his book ‘The Miracle Morning’, says

“Focused, productive, successful mornings generate focused, productive, successful days – which inevitably create a successful life”.

Now’s the time to seize the day!


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Your ultimate morning routine 

ONE - Wake Up Early 

There’s a reason why most high achievers get an early start in the morning. It gives you time to get things done.

No one else is up and you have that time all to yourself.

And when you wake up, get out of bed straight away.

Harsh I know, but if you stay in bed it’s too easy to keep hitting the snooze button. Don’t give in!

Wake up Tip: If you haven't already done this, then move your alarm clock as far away from your bed as possible.

This forces you to get up and engage your body. And this movement creates energy so when you get up and out of bed it naturally helps you wake up.



TWO – Hydrate Your Body

It’s essential that you rehydrate your body first thing every morning.

After 6 to 8 hours without water you’ll naturally be slightly dehydrated - and that dehydration causes fatigue.

So start each day with a glass of water.

It will replace the moisture lost during the night and ensure that you start the day well-hydrated.

Wake up Tip: Add lemon, or lime, juice.  

Adding a splash of lemon juice not only helps your digestive system, it can also help you to lose weight if that's one of your goals. Plus it tastes really refreshing.

The powerful mix of antioxidants, vitamin C and bioflavonoids found in lemons also boost your immune system and help fight infection.

And if you normally have fruit juice with your breakfast then try this instead. Juice tends to have tonnes of sugar in it while lemon water tastes really good - and with no sugar!


THREE – Work Out

You have all of the energy that you need first thing in the morning for a really powerful workout session.

Your body is fully recharged after a good night's sleep – and you have maybe 30 minutes all to yourself.

Exercising soon after waking can improve your life in so many ways.

  • boosting your energy
  • enhancing your mental health
  • improving your confidence and your emotional well-being
  • and enabling you to think better and focus for longer.

And you’re going to be that much stronger during a morning workout session too.

So if you're used to working out in the evenings make that switch and see a massive improvement in your performance - both during the workout and afterwards.

Then after your workout, you’ve really earned your shower…


FOUR – Shower and Skincare Routine

Start your shower with nice relaxing, lukewarm water.


Once your hair is thoroughly wet, take a moisturising shampoo and massage it through your hair and scalp.

But you only need to wash your hair with shampoo about two or three times a week. Otherwise you can end up stripping away all of the natural oils.

Massage the shampoo in in small circles but make sure you're not going too hard because that can cause breakage. Your hair is really fragile when it's wet.

After you’ve rinsed out all the shampoo, apply a conditioner (at least to the ends of your hair). You want to leave the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes to make sure your hair is soaking it all in. 

While you have the conditioner on, you can focus on washing your face and your body.



Use our Daily Face Wash.

This will clean and gently exfoliate your face at the same time. And you’ll know that your skin is nice and clean, and all of the dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull (and lead to acne) have been removed

(Check out "A Man's Ultimate Guide to Exfoliation: FAQ's" - for more on the benefits of exfoliation.)

You can also use it on your back and shoulders if you're suffering from some acne there as well.

Leave the face wash on for an additional minute or so for an extra exfoliating effect. 

You can find out more here – Daily Face Wash.

Or click the button below to purchase – and have fresh, clean skin every morning.




While your face wash is working its magic…



Grab some body wash and wash your body.

And once you’re clean it's time to rinse.

Start by rinsing your face and body. Then move on to rinsing off the conditioner. Your hair will have absorbed the conditioner by now and will be nicely hydrated.

Leaving the conditioner on for these couple of extra minutes before rinsing it out is going to make a big difference to the condition and feel of your hair.



Wake up Tip: Finish with a cold blast of water!

I know this doesn’t sound fun!! Or relaxing at all… but it's not supposed to be.

It's supposed to power you into action!

So start off with a warm shower, and once you’re clean, and you’ve rinsed everything off…

Turn the temperature dial down and just stay there for 15 to 30 seconds. That’s all it takes.

You go from being calm and relaxed to “OK let's get this day started!”

This is going to give you the energy and clarity that you need physically and mentally to perform at your best.

  • Improving your circulation
  • Strengthening your Immune system
  • And aiding recovery for any aches or sore muscles that you're suffering from at the moment. 

Start by doing it once or twice a week and then switch up to every single day.

It's life changing!



Once you're out of the shower and you’ve dried off, the first thing you need to do is moisturise your face.

Your skin will be nicely exfoliated from the Daily Face Wash so it’s going to absorb the moisturiser really easily.

Our Hydrating Daily Moisturizer is lightweight, feels good and will keep your skin firm and hydrated all day long.

You can find out more here – Hydrating Daily Moisturizer - or click the button below to purchase.




Now it’s time to get to work….

FIVE – Put on an Energizing Playlist

Have a motivating morning playlist already lined up.

Choose music that you know will get you feeling good, hyped up for the day and mentally alert.


and finally…

SIX – Plan Your Day The Night Before

This really should have been at the top of the list, but one of the best things you can do to ensure a productive day is to make a To Do list the night before.

That way you wake up already knowing what needs to be done, what’s a priority and you can get started straight away

If you can get into the habit of doing this the night before then the next morning is going to be way more productive.

It can also help you fall asleep faster since you’re not going to be lying in bed thinking about what you need to do next.

And if you find it hard to follow a skincare routine when you just want to head off to bed, don't worry.
We've got a simple routine here that you can do in 3 minutes: "A Nighttime Skincare Routine (for guys who don't have time for one)"




How much sleep do you really need? 

The only thing sleep experts agree on is that there’s no magic number for the hours of sleep you need to have a happy productive life.

And everybody’s idea of how much sleep they need is different.

There's evidence to suggest that it can be a state of mind. If you think you only need five hours sleep, then you’ll wake up after five hours feeling refreshed and ready to go! The same is true of course if you think you need nine hours.

So whatever time you go to bed consciously decide that you are getting the perfect amount of sleep – that those hours will energize your body and that you are going to wake up feeling wonderful in the morning. And you will!


The Takeaway 

A focused morning routine is going to give you the energy and clarity that you need to perform at your best.

How you spend the first hour of your morning becomes the key to a successful day.

Focus on these six steps to make sure you start your day strong. 


It’s never too early in the day for some self-care!


All you need to stay looking handsome. 





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