YouTube REVIEW: Clean, Shave, Moisturize

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Jon at The Kavalier - "It's a three part skincare routine that I’ve been very happy with and want to share my experience.

"I’ve always dealt with some skin problems... breakouts that sort of thing. I’ve never had full blown acne, but you know I can tell when I don't eat well that my skin breaks out."

"...the real change for me with this was, you know, I was about a month into using the routine. My wife was looking at my face, and she was like "your skin looks really good. Did you change something?And I was like "Oh yeah, I’m trying out a new skin routine".

"So that was the first time when I was like 'Wow this thing might actually be working' and you can kind of see in the videos too."

"It gave a really healthy look to my skin."

"So first we have the Daily Face Wash.

It's a $31 bottle and after three months, I’m still maybe a little less than half way on here so (Note: lasts a very long time!!)

You definitely get your money’s worth for how long it lasts. I think if there’s one place to not really skimp out on it's a face wash. You want something to take away the dirt and keep things really clean. This one cleans and exfoliates and then even if I just use the face wash I never really deal with dryness.

And then Step two we have the shave cream. This one did take some getting used to because I’m used to the foamy, big sudsy Santa Claus beard foam of shaving ...and this one is very subtle...but it does still give a really nice protective layer for shaving and I’ve kind of adapted to this now... really leaves my skin feeling smooth.

Then what really finishes the whole thing off is to put on the moisturizer...I only use two pumps a day... its enough for my entire face. The little bit goes a long way with this stuff!

It leaves my skin feeling really hydrated but its also non oily. They have anti-aging ingredients in there... and hyaluronic acid ...which helps with the long-term hydration and smoothness of the skin.

...Really impressed you know... good for travel, keep it in my gym bag, and keeping my skin looking very good.

And wife approves most importantly!

So there you have it gents."

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