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" ... the Hydrating Moisturiser is without a doubt the best moisturiser I have ever used." 

The Patent Club did an excellent comprehensive review of our products. You can read below what they had to say, and check out their other interesting articles at

"When I was told that I was going to be reviewing Otis Skincare I’ll admit I was excited, but also a little sceptical. I am always sceptical of luxury products- selling the world and having no real discernible differences to mid-entry products. Double the money for a nicer box? I like to think that I’m a bit savvier than that. Otis Skincare then, was seeking to prove itself to a tough jury. Weighing in at 156 euros for the whole package one may be put off, but I see it as an investment: A man's skin is a precious thing, and by using these products daily it'll be sure to put a smile on your face.

Otis Skincare are a French based company with a simple but impressive aim- ‘to develop the best skincare system for men’. They understand the science behind men’s skin and specifically design their products to overcome issues men will face. Naturally then, Otis look to get their product right from the ground up. Otis work to get every single element of their products right, exactly how it should be nowadays.

Before going into the specifics of each product we should first note Otis’ most significant achievement. What Otis execute, better than their competition, is a total package. Simplicity so often comes at the price of a sub-par product and non-comprehensive care, Otis avoid this trap by picking the best and most effective ingredients and ensuring regular use. A face-wash for the shower, cream for whenever you shave and a moisturiser for before you leave in the morning. That’s it, nothing else. The team at Otis have excelled themselves at creating a system which can be trusted to perform and one that takes almost no effort to use. Otis really have encapsulated the French spirit.

Daily Face Wash

The team at Otis have delved deeply into the science of skincare and this is evident in the effectiveness of the face wash. Packed with everything from Aloe Vera to Black Tea extract it gives an antioxidant boost and a refreshing smooth feeling. The face wash is designed to work specifically with the other two products and will prep your skin for a shave or rejuvenate it before moisturising. This clever design feature ensures that Otis can offer both products that are easy to use but still perform optimally. The ingredients ensure a high quality product that really works.


Protective Shave Cream

I love this stuff, in fact that may be an understatement. It doesn’t irritate and you only need a small amount meaning that you get plenty of use from each bottle. The product, unlike foams, allows you to clearly see where you’re shaving and provides a smooth surface for your razor blade to glide across your skin but doesn’t slip; smooth yet firm… I know this statement sounds bizarre but try it out and you’ll see what I mean.


Otis skincare are a company that have never lost sight of their vision, they certainly achieve their idea of respecting skin whilst keeping it at it's best with their 1-2-3 range. If you’re at university, interning or just started your career do yourself a favour and add Otis to you shopping basket, Christmas list… anything to get your hands on it."

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