Achieving the Perfect Shave

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The perfect shave should leave your skin smooth, comfortable and in great condition - with no redness, irritation - or blood!
The secret is to make sure that your skin is well protected throughout the whole process.

Shaving Foam vs Shave Cream

Traditional shaving foams are packed with air so they form a soft cushion of foam in your hand, but don’t protect or lubricate your face. When shaving, the razor pops these air bubbles, leaving your skin unprotected.

However, a good shave cream:

  • Protects your skin, especially sensitive areas like the neck
  • Softens the hair quickly, making it easier to cut
  • Lubricates your face, so that the blade glides easily to deliver a closer shave
  • Leaves your face and neck free of any redness and razor burn
  • And leaves your skin nourished and hydrated
Of course, it should also be very easy and quick to use, allowing you to see exactly where you have already shaved.

    Shaving tips

    Some additional tips to help you achieve a closer, irritation-free shave.

    1. Choose a well-designed, good quality razor that feels right for your face type and shaving style.
    2. Always use a sharp blade - changing after 4 or 5 uses. Rinse the blade often under hot water to keep it sharp.
    3. Try shaving in the shower, or just afterwards – the warm water and steam soften your beard, making it easier to cut.
    4. Shave difficult areas last, allowing the shave cream time to soften the hair for longer.
    5. Always stroke downward; never, ever against the grain.

    Otis Skincare for men - Protective shave cream, razor, towel

    Our Protective Shave Cream is highly emollient and glycerin-based so it ensures maximum protection, lubrication and hydration throughout your entire shave – even on sensitive areas like the neck, and even after three or four passes.

    Why not give it a try and see for yourself – PROTECTIVE SHAVE CREAM.

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